Ide Shonto

An old, blind shugenja, mentor and friend to our heroes.


Ide Shonto is over a hundred years old, a young boy when the Unicorn returned to Rokugan 97 years ago. He looks even older, with skin like thin, cracked leather from so many years astride a horse. He is blind and nearly toothless, but the kami have blessed him with much more vitality than one might expect. He is both kind and wise, and looks after his pupils. He was a friend to Shunjo Kublai, grandfather to Zoya-ool. Thus, he was a friend to Zoya’s father, and to Zoya-ool herself. He calls her by her childhood nickname, “Little Rabbit,” as he often forgets her name in adulthood. This annoys the young Battle-Maiden, with her desire to be taken seriously, but to correct him would be rude. One wonders if he truly forgets her name or if he’s having fun with the Little Rabbit for always being underfoot.


Ide Shonto

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