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912, the fifteenth year of the reign of The Peaceful Emperor, Hantei XXII.

Thirteen years ago, the long-fought Crane/Lion war threatened the very stability of the Empire. The Emperor, then a boy of only twelve years, issued a divine proclamation that war within his Empire would simply not be tolerated. When the year 900 began, all hostilities would be ordered to cease. Such laws have been made numerous times in the history of Rokugan, though they have been largely toothless. The young Emperor surprised everyone then, when he ordered the Emerald Legions into Lion and Crane territories to enforce his rule. To add further encouragement (and, some say, insult) they were joined by the massive cavalry armies of the Unicorn Clan. Both the Lion and Crane view the Unicorn as uncouth upstarts, returned to the Empire less than a century before.

Nevertheless, for the past twelve years, peace has settled in Rokugan. Minor raids and the smallest of border skirmishes still occur, but are kept quiet. Their skill in warfare being their chief advantage over the other clans, the Lion seethe with anger. The Crab Clan finds Scorpion vassals elbowing deeper into their territory by the month, and find themselves too outmaneuvered in the courts to do anything about it. Still the Peaceful Emperor holds firm. The fires of war, he says, have been quenched. But the embers, whisper his advisors, the embers need only a breath…

In the month of the Dragon, mid-Spring in the year 912, we open. Our heroes little suspect that the deep breath has been taken, and now fills the breast, waiting for release…

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